Mastering Falcon Tech Chasing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Tech chasing is a vital skill in SSBU, especially when facing characters with fast and evasive options like Captain Falcon. Falcon’s high-speed playstyle and quick recovery make predicting and punishing his tech options crucial for success.

Understanding Falcon’s Tech Patterns

Falcon’s Recovery Options

Captain Falcon possesses a mix of recovery options, including his Up Special (Falcon Dive) and various directional air dodges. Understanding these options is key to effectively tech chasing.

Recognizing Common Tech Habits

Falcon players often exhibit certain tech habits, such as preferring one direction for tech rolls or frequently teching in place. Recognizing these patterns allows you to predict and punish accordingly.

Effective Tech Chase Moves

Quick Moves with Low Endlag

Utilize characters with fast and low endlag moves for tech chasing. Moves like jabs, tilts, or quick aerials enable you to punish Falcon swiftly without leaving yourself vulnerable to counterattacks.

Moves that Cover Multiple Options

Choose moves that cover multiple tech options simultaneously. This can pressure Falcon into choosing riskier tech choices or increase the likelihood of successful punishes.

Predicting Tech Options

Observing Opponent Behavior

Pay attention to Falcon’s behavior after being knocked down. Some players tend to tech in specific directions based on their playstyle, so observing closely can provide valuable information.

Recognizing Tech Roll Directions

Falcon’s tech roll can be a crucial escape option. Recognizing the direction Falcon tends to roll allows you to position yourself optimally for a follow-up attack.

Optimal Tech Chase Follow-Ups

Adjusting Your Response Based on Percentages

Tailor your tech chase follow-ups based on the tech percentage. Lower percentages may call for combo-starting moves, while higher percentages might lead to potential KO setups.

Mix-Ups for Conditioning Opponents

Incorporate mix-ups into your follow-ups to condition Falcon. This can make predicting his responses more challenging, leading to more successful tech chases.

Edgeguarding Falcon after a Tech Chase

Recognizing Vulnerable Recovery States

After a successful tech chase, Falcon may find himself in vulnerable recovery states. Recognize these moments and capitalize on edgeguarding opportunities.

Utilizing Stage Control for Effective Edgeguarding

Maintain stage control during edgeguarding situations. This limits Falcon’s options and increases the likelihood of securing a successful edgeguard.

Practice Techniques for Falcon Tech Chasing

Training Mode Exercises

Use training mode to simulate tech chase scenarios with Falcon. Practice reacting quickly to different tech options and optimizing your punishes.

Analyzing Falcon’s Animations for Cues

Study Falcon’s animations for cues on his tech choices. Subtle movements can provide hints, allowing you to react more effectively.

Adaptability in Falcon Tech Chasing

Adjusting to Opponent Adaptations

Experienced Falcon players may adapt to your tech chasing strategies. Be ready to adjust your approach and mix up your tactics to stay one step ahead.

Mix-Ups to Keep Opponents Guessing

Incorporate mix-ups into your tech chasing game. This keeps Falcon guessing and disrupts his ability to predict your movements.

Common Mistakes in Falcon Tech Chasing

Overcommitting and Getting Punished

Avoid overcommitting to tech chases, as Falcon’s quick movements can lead to punishes. Balance aggression with caution to maintain control.

Failing to React Quickly

Tech chasing requires quick reactions. Practice your reflexes to ensure timely responses to Falcon’s tech options.

Falcon Tech Chasing in Competitive Play

Applying Tech Chasing Strategies in Tournaments

Take your tech chasing skills to tournaments. Applying these strategies in a competitive setting enhances your ability to adapt and succeed.

Recognizing Player Habits in High-Pressure Situations

In high-pressure situations, players may revert to familiar habits. Recognizing Falcon’s tendencies under pressure allows you to capitalize on predictable tech choices.


In conclusion, mastering Falcon tech chasing in SSBU involves a combination of prediction, quick reactions, and adaptability. By understanding Falcon’s recovery options, predicting tech habits, and refining your follow-ups, you can turn tech chasing into a powerful tool in your arsenal.

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