Tips to Boost Your Visual Marketing Strategy

The majority of marketers would admit that creating visual images is not a strong suit for them.

The good news? Creativity is learned, so you do not have to struggle with visual marketing ever again.

Do you want to improve your social media strategy by including more visual content? Visual marketing is much more than finding an inspirational quote on Google and re-posting.

But, you might be asking yourself, how do you go about creating an attractive and shareable image? Something that people want to interact with and then share with their audience?

There is a ton of reports and information on how to create visual marketing images. But this information can take weeks to get through, then put into practice for your business.

That is why we have done the work for you. This article digitalmarketingwar tips on how to create visual content that gets more engagement.

The Science Behind Visual Marketing

The Content Marketing Institute reported that 70% of marketers are producing more visual content.

Ask yourself, are you producing enough visual content? If you are not, it may be because you’re intimidated at the word ‘design’. Do not fear, these tips can help you.

In this article, we present many tips to support your goal of creating more visual content. Mastering these tips will make your visual message stick with web searchers.

Your Audience Responds to Visual Cues

Video and infographic responsiveness is at an all-time high. Are you using these strategies to interact with your audience?

In 2014, the use of video marketing increased by 8% and the use of infographics increased 9%.

As a home business owner you must dedicate more time and resources to creating visual content. Facebook posts that contain photos or videos account for 87% of increased interactions.

What does this mean? Facebook users are looking for so much more than just blatant calls to action to buy products. They want posts that share ideas, make connections, and avoid using too much text. Now is the time to switch to visual marketing if your posts have been heavy with text. You can start today adding photos or images to your posts.

What makes a shareable social media image? Why should we care about people sharing our images? Good questions. Every time a person shares your image, you just received free marketing. They are opening up your message to their audience. This helps you achieve more with less!

Let’s look at what makes a shareable social media image:

1. Emotion: When your readers feel it, they’ll share it.

2. Relevance: Your image should fit your audience, and their audience too.

3. Colors: Use the right colors to fit your audience’s personality and you will get more shares.

4. Typography: Choose fonts that look good and pair well with each other. Choose fonts your audience can read.

5. Hashtags and Text: Choose the right words to encourage your audience to interact.

The most important way to optimize social media content is with images and photos leading the way. Focus on creating great visual content to engage your audience and put them into a sales funnel. On the back end, you will have detailed information to separate the lookers from the buyers.

Serious buyers will always be looking for more information to use in their life. These types of information include webinars, case studies, and reports (or white papers). Visual content opens the ‘door’ for serious buyers to access your back-end detailed information.

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