Your Domain Name Will Not Make Or Break Your Online Business

I am writing this article as a lot of people are finding it very when it comes to getting a domain name for their Internet business.

When it comes to getting a good domain name I want you to understand this very important sentence:

Your Domain Name Will Not Make Or Break Your Business!

Now I’m going to prove this to you so you can sleep at night knowing that when you are getting a domain name it is not going to make or break your business. The reason for this is you will wake up two days later after getting a domain name thinking that another better domain popped into your head and the domain name you have now will hurt your Internet business.

Again, it won’t.

Here’s the proof:

For examples in this article on getting a domain name I searched in Google for 3 major keyword phrases and looked at the top 20 search results returned.

The 3 keyword phrases were; Internet Marketing, Online Marketing and Internet Marketing Strategies.

Regardless of when you read this article and you are concerned when it comes to getting a domain name you can still search for these terms and the results will be about the same. You can also search your own keyword phrase regarding the topic of your own Internet business when getting a domain name.

For the keyword phrase ‘Internet Marketing’ out of the top 20 results Wikipedia is at the #1 and the keyword phrase is in the #2 and #3 positions and also in the #5 #11, #13 and #15 positions.

Now an important point to consider is this is an extremely competitive market and you could use a longer keyword phrase when getting a domain name to give you a better chance to compete.

Let’s look at the other two examples also being highly searched for terms with a lot of competition.

For ‘Online Marketing’ this phrase appears in the domain name at positions #5, #13, #14 and #18. Yep! Only 4 times in the top 20.

For ‘Internet Marketing Strategies’ the phrase appears in the domain name at positions #4 and #10. That’s it. So you can see that a domain name by itself doesn’t really mean that much.

Do some keyword research on your target market and then see what’s available when you go about getting a domain name.

See how you can add just a little to that keyword phrase and find an available domain to purchase.

Don’t spend 50 hours at this, once you understand the concept it should only take you an hour or two and then you should be off to getting a domain name. And don’t second guess yourself once you have purchased a domain. If you did a little research it is most likely more than good enough.

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