How to Tech Chase

1. Introduction to Tech Chasing

In the world of competitive gaming, mastering advanced techniques tech is crucial for success. One such technique that can give players a significant edge is tech chasing.

2. Understanding Tech Chasing Mechanics

What is a tech chase?

Tech chasing refers to the practice of following an opponent’s tech or wake-up options after they’ve been knocked down. It involves predicting or reacting to their movement choices to maintain pressure or secure a follow-up attack.

How does tech chasing work?

When an opponent is knocked down, they have several options to recover, such as rolling left or right, performing a get-up attack, or staying in place. Tech chasing involves anticipating these options and positioning yourself to punish their choice effectively.

3. Importance of Tech Chasing in Competitive Gaming

Tech chasing is a fundamental skill in many fighting and platformer games, including Super Smash Bros. and traditional fighting games like Street Fighter. Mastering tech chasing allows players to maintain control over the match and capitalize on their opponent’s mistakes.

4. Developing Tech Chasing Skills

Reaction time improvement

Tech chasing requires quick reflexes and the ability to react to your opponent’s movements instantly. Practicing reaction drills can help improve your response time and accuracy.

Predictive gameplay

Anticipating your opponent’s options based on their habits and tendencies can enhance your tech chasing abilities. By reading their movements, you can preemptively position yourself for a successful follow-up.

5. Techniques for Successful Tech Chasing

Dash dancing

Dash dancing involves rapidly alternating between dashing left and right to maintain mobility and bait out your opponent’s options. It’s an effective technique for positioning yourself for a tech chase opportunity.

Reaction tech chasing

Reaction tech chasing requires the ability to react to your opponent’s tech options in real-time. By closely observing their movements, you can follow up with the appropriate punish based on their choice.

Option coverage

Covering multiple tech options simultaneously increases your chances of successfully tech chasing. By positioning yourself strategically, you can limit your opponent’s escape routes and maintain pressure.

6. Character-Specific Tech Chasing Strategies

Different characters may have unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to tech chasing. Experimenting with various characters can help you find the most effective strategies for each matchup.

7. Advanced Tech Chasing Tactics

Mix-ups and mind games

Mixing up your tech chase options can keep your opponent guessing and make it harder for them to escape your pressure. By incorporating feints and baits, you can capitalize on their hesitation.

Platform tech chasing

Utilizing platforms can add another layer of complexity to your tech chasing game. By incorporating platform movement into your strategy, you can extend combos and maintain pressure more effectively.

8. Common Mistakes to Avoid


Chasing your opponent too aggressively can leave you vulnerable to counterattacks. It’s essential to maintain awareness of your positioning and avoid overextending.

Missing tech follow-ups

Failing to capitalize on tech chase opportunities can result in missed damage or lost momentum. Practicing follow-up combos and punishes is essential for maximizing your tech chasing effectiveness.

9. Practicing Tech Chasing Effectively

Solo practice routines

Dedicating time to solo practice drills can help refine your tech chasing skills and improve your consistency. Focus on executing precise movements and reacting quickly to different scenarios.

Partner drills

Practicing tech chasing with a partner allows you to simulate real match situations and refine your timing and positioning. Work on reading your opponent’s habits and adapting your strategies accordingly.

10. Incorporating Tech Chasing into Gameplay

Consistently applying tech chasing techniques in matches is key to mastering the skill. Focus on staying patient and observant, and look for opportunities to capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes.

11. Conclusion

Tech chasing is a valuable skill that can elevate your gameplay to the next level. By understanding the mechanics, developing your skills, and practicing consistently, you can become a formidable opponent in any competitive gaming setting.

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