Pet Travel? It’s Easy!

Traveling with a dog may be simple for you but not for your pet. Here is what you need to do to make pet travel comfortable for your pet and you. Follow these simple steps before you board the flight with your little friend.

When you are in the process of planning your trip, check with your pet if it is ready for the trip as well. By this, it is meant that your pet should go through a medical checkup in order to know whether it is physically suitable for travel. Moreover, do not hesitate to tell you vet about your trip. Once the medical tests are complete, the vet will issue you a medical certificate that states your pet’s condition. Make sure that you take this certificate along for it will be needed at various points and will facilitate the pet travel.

When traveling with a dog, make sure that you leave for the airport earlier. This will provide you with a good margin so you and your pet can adjust with the new circumstances. Remember that your pet can feel it when you panic so remain calm and just go with the flow.

Before you book your tickets, do not forget to check with the airline if it allows pet travel. In case it does not, you will have to rely on another flight, so do some research before booking the final seats. At this point, it has been recommended that you travel on a non-peak flight so that your pet gets more room and does not feel stressed.

Next, to have a relaxed pet travel, choose a direct flight. Stop-overs will only make it difficult for you. Especially when you are travelling with a dog for the first time, you would not want to go through a number of procedures at every stop-over.

Once you have boarded the flight, inform the captain and at least one flight attended about your pet traveling with you. Also, inquire if you can keep it with you or it has to be Biutifuloficial in the cabin below. If the flight follows a policy and allows pets in the lower cabin only, check for the temperature you are traveling in. This will help the flight management make appropriate arrangements in case of extreme weather conditions.

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