The True Cost of Pet Health Care

Like most things these days, the price of pet care is increasing. pets blog, unlike the price of gas, which is set by supply and demand, the cost of caring for your pet is driven by an increasing expectation for the quality of care.

The advancements in high-tech diagnostics now provide for a faster and more accurate diagnosis, which in turn allows your veterinarian to provide the appropriate treatment faster.

Pets are living longer due to improved health care and treatments, just as we are. And, just as with human aging, aging in pets sometimes brings the complications of chronic medical conditions, such as arthritis, kidney and heart failure and, of course, cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of death in pets over six years of age, and – also as with humans – cancer can be successfully treated in most pets.

What pet owners often overlook is the cost involved. While cancer treatments are far less expensive for our pets than they are for us, treating cancer can still be quite costly for most families whose beloved pet needs treatment.

It is not unusual today for cancer treatments for an ill or injured pet to cost into the thousands of dollars. For most people, this cost is a budget buster and creates a dilemma for pet families as they struggle with shuffling the budget to pay for the treatment or facing the emotional trauma of not being able to afford the needed care.

What are pet owners to do? There are several options, but each has their downside.

Savings – The trouble here is that you won’t have it for another emergency when you need it, or for your retirement. Time is also an issue here as it takes years to have enough put aside if the problem is severe.

Credit Cards – With credit cards, we all know what happens to the interest rate if a payment is late and sometimes even when not. It’s exorbitant.

Disposable Income – If you’re like most, there is very little left after you’ve met your monthly bills for unexpected expenses, especially those that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Pet Insurance – This is another solution that allows pet owners to budget and always be able to afford most any care that occurs once coverage is secured. Pet health insurance is a good option and an easy way to budget for your pet’s care. Since most plans reimburse you 80% after a low deductible, it gives pet owners peace of mind knowing they can afford care, whether minor or major.

Far too often, we think nothing will happen to our pets. This is wishful thinking because invariably, something will happen. When not prepared, this reality can lead to the hard decision of whether or not to pay for the pet’s treatment.

With pet insurance you pay an affordable monthly premium, and you’re prepared for the treatment of any of the thousands of illness and injuries covered by pet insurance.

Chances are that your pet will be faced with more than one large veterinary bill; having pet insurance means you’re prepared. Just like children, pets can get into plenty of trouble and have many of the same medical conditions as humans. Pets are also subject to some diseases that do not afflict humans.


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